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Upright and Sloping Monuments

Wild Rose Memorials provides monuments and memorials artfully crafted from the highest quality materials for clients across western Canada and beyond. Based in Airdrie, Alberta we are locally owned and source out the finest granite and other materials from trusted suppliers. We are committ

Custom Designs (Monuments and Memorials)

Whichever memorial or monument you choose at Wild Rose Memorials, your options for customization are nearly limitless. Our client care specialist will compassionately and expertly lead you to bring your vision of the ideal memorial to reality. From the selection of the type of memorial mos

Pillow Markers

Pillow markers are attractive, low-profile monuments that can be used to memorialize a single person or multiple loved ones. This modest monument can be simple or personalized with many options for size and shape, granite colour, font style and text placement, imagery, and even adornments

Flat Markers

Flat markers are a traditional, timeless, and discreet option to memorialize your loved one. Typically crafted from granite or bronze (or both), flat markers can be customized in a variety of ways. If you choose a granite marker, select between various colours, textures, and polishes. Your

Children & Young Adult Memorials

No parent or relative is ever ready for the loss of a child. It's crucial to keep in mind that losing a kid is devastating at any age, regardless of how long they lived. Although helping with the purchase and design of a memorial for a kid is one of our least favourite memorial interac

Cremation Options

If it was the wish of your loved one to be cremated, Wild Rose Memorials has many options to commemorate them after honouring their wishes. We are here to guide you to make the most ideal choice for the permanent placement of your loved ones' cremated remains. If you choose an urn buri


Columbaria are an excellent option for those who wish to select a permanent resting place for the cremated remains of their loved one. Columbaria can be private or community based and they house the cremated remains in a secure niche and provide an opportunity to visit and honour the decea

Bronze Markers

Bronze markers are a completely customizable way to commemorate your loved one. These stylish flat markers are low-maintenance and are installed onto granite. A bronze marker is timeless and enduring and becomes more beautiful with the patina of time. These flat markers (also known as gras


A mausoleum is a freestanding, above-ground monument that encloses burial caskets, with the option of storing cremated remains as well. For families that are seeking a significant way to commemorate those who have passed and a private, peaceful place to visit and reflect, Wild Rose Memoria

Granite Benches

Granite benches are a powerful way to honour a life and commemorate the passing of someone near and dear. Granite is versatile and durable and a bench allows you to create a moment to sit and reflect; a moment to remember. Granite benches can be used to mark a final resting place in a ceme

Pet Memorials

The loss of a beloved pet is devastating. Their passing can leave a hole in your life and your heart. Wild Rose Memorials can create a memorial to recognize the significant impact your pet had, how much they were loved, and how deeply they will be missed. We offer a number of options from

Dedication Plaques

At Wild Rose Memorials we can create dedication plaques that are a beautiful way to pay tribute to the accomplishments, history, and contributions of important people. Dedication plaques are completely customizable and can be installed in a wide variety of locations. Choose the material an

Grateful They Chose Us

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials is a local, family-owned provider helping families across Western Canada create beautiful and enduring monuments for those we have loved and lost. Our mission is to make everlasting memorials accessible for everyone so that time and budget are not obstacles to honouring your loved ones. Connect with us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and explore your options with Wild Rose Memorials.

A Fitting Tribute For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials aims to be inclusive and accessible, providing memorials and monuments of the highest quality to anyone in western Canada memorializing a lost loved one. Inclusive means we welcome every religion and denomination, every creed, every culture, and every race. Accessible means we are here for you, we can come to you if necessary, and together we can design a memorial that is a fitting tribute, whatever your budget.

Please fill out a free consultation form or call us at 1-403-912-4048 even if your location is not listed below since we would still be happy to help you.

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