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Diamond Impact Etching

Sandblasting has long been the standard to fabricate beautiful markers and memorials. Laser etching made detailed designs more attainable. But diamond impact etching has transformed the quality and intricacy of artwork possible on stone monuments. With a diamond-tipped needle and the cutti


Pre-planning your memorial is a wonderful gift of peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Not only does it give you the opportunity to share your final wishes with those who will be called on to make decisions, but it eases the burden of making choices during a difficult time. When you

On-Site Cemetery Lettering

Adding names or dates to existing memorials is an important and large part of what we do. We respect the artistry of the memorial by matching the existing lettering exactly, and preparing and cleaning the memorial properly before and after the work is complete. Portable equipment allows us

Monument and Bronze Refurbishing

Wild Rose Memorials crafts granite and bronze monuments meant to stand the test of time. But the memorial of your loved one is exposed to snow, wind, rain, and UV sunlight regularly and could even be exposed to accidental damage at the cemetery. Sometimes shifting soil and terrain can caus

Grateful They Chose Us

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials is a local, family-owned provider helping families across Western Canada create beautiful and enduring monuments for those we have loved and lost. Our mission is to make everlasting memorials accessible for everyone so that time and budget are not obstacles to honouring your loved ones. Connect with us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and explore your options with Wild Rose Memorials.

A Fitting Tribute For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials aims to be inclusive and accessible, providing memorials and monuments of the highest quality to anyone in western Canada memorializing a lost loved one. Inclusive means we welcome every religion and denomination, every creed, every culture, and every race. Accessible means we are here for you, we can come to you if necessary, and together we can design a memorial that is a fitting tribute, whatever your budget.

Please fill out a free consultation form or call us at 1-403-912-4048 even if your location is not listed below since we would still be happy to help you.

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