Columbaria are an excellent option for those who wish to select a permanent resting place for the cremated remains of their loved one. Columbaria can be private or community based and they house the cremated remains in a secure niche and provide an opportunity to visit and honour the deceased. Wild Rose Memorials can create a beautiful and personalized tribute memorial for a community columbarium, including bronze niche plaques or sandblasted text on the niche door. We can also construct stand-alone columbaria of any size and style if you wish to build an impressive monument to honour one, two, or even more niches in an enduring, multi-generational columbarium. The customer care specialist and master craftsman at Wild Rose Memorials will guide you to make the most ideal decisions for materials and design to create a lasting and impactful monument.

Our Promise To You

We promise to be forthright; you will never be surprised with unexpected fees and charges. We promise to be fair; share with us your budget and your goals and we will work together to make it happen. We promise to be compassionate; choosing a memorial for a loved one who has passed is never easy - we will guide you with empathy and care. Our commitment to commemorating your loved one in the most fitting and appropriate way is the Wild Rose Memorials promise to you.

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Grateful They Chose Us

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Expert Craftsmanship, Exceptional Quality

Wild Rose Memorials is committed to providing you with exceptional quality and expertly crafted monuments and memorials. With a range of material and design options available, we are committed to ensuring everyone can create a beautiful memorial for their loved ones at affordable pricing. Here are some of the monument styles you can choose from.

Where You Need Us, When You Need Us

Wild Rose Memorials is Alberta-owned and operated, but we are uniquely positioned to deliver and install your customized monument or memorial anywhere across the province, in Western Canada, and even beyond. If the location of the final resting place of your loved one does not appear on our pages, reach out to us. We can help you with a fitting tribute for almost any location.

Columbaria FAQs

There is no limit. We offer options from one niche to 96 niche columbarium or more if required.

Wild Rose Memorials only crafts columbarium that are made from solid granite. This type of construction is far superior to columbarium that are made with a metal interior structure and granite cladded outside. By only offering solid granite structures, customers will have the peace of mind not having to worry about any failures over time due to the metal interior. Along with a solid granite construction, if the customer wishes, we can also provide each niche space with a stainless steel inner locking door.

Yes there are many options available from sandblasted lettering to bronze niche markers. Some cemeteries do have bylaws governing what is allowed on the niche doors for community columbarium.

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Everlasting Memorials Accessible For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials is a local, family-owned provider helping families across Western Canada create beautiful and enduring monuments for those we have loved and lost. Our mission is to make everlasting memorials accessible for everyone so that time and budget are not obstacles to honouring your loved ones. Connect with us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and explore your options with Wild Rose Memorials.

A Fitting Tribute For Everyone

Wild Rose Memorials aims to be inclusive and accessible, providing memorials and monuments of the highest quality to anyone in western Canada memorializing a lost loved one. Inclusive means we welcome every religion and denomination, every creed, every culture, and every race. Accessible means we are here for you, we can come to you if necessary, and together we can design a memorial that is a fitting tribute, whatever your budget.

Please fill out a free consultation form or call us at 1-403-912-4048 even if your location is not listed below since we would still be happy to help you.

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