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Ways to Remember

When choosing a memorial for you or a family member, it is an important and personal decision. At WRM, we offer a wide selection of classic and unique designs

from which you can choose. We are confident that we can help you create a meaningful memorial tribute for your loved one.

A memorial to a loved one is a gift that will last forever and will be viewed by family members and friends for generations to come. You can place your trust in us

to help you choose a memorial that is personal and affordable to commemorate your loved one.

Upright and Sloping Monuments

Upright monuments can commemorate one, two or even a family. They sit on a granite base and are set on a foundation base or concrete runner that would be in place already from the cemetery (or provided by the cemetery).

Uprights can be 4″, 6″ or 8″ thick, they come in a variety of polishes and colors. At WRM we work with the cemetery bi-laws and requirements and help you choose the right size of memorial for the lot that you have purchased.

We will assist you in the planning process and help translate your ideas into creating the memorial. We have designs ready for you to choose from or instead custom make it the way you would like.

Pillow Markers

Pillow style markers are a low-profile grave marker where they are higher in the back and slopes to the lower front. In most cases, the slope is either 8″ in the back to 5″ in the front or 6″ in the back to 3″ in the front. Different slopes are available upon request.

They also come in a variety of polishes and colors.

Flat and Bronze Markers

Flat markers are also sometimes called grass markers, are installed flush with the ground. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are typically made of either granite or bronze.

Bronze markers will often sit on a piece of granite. They both can be personalized in many ways. This includes adding a special message or artwork which was meaningful to the person being honored

Cremation Options

With the growing expense of a full traditional funeral, cremation is becoming more and more popular.


Columbarium’s come in many different designs and sizes. From private estate units with room to accommodate one or more loved ones cremated remains. Providing a customer with an alternative option from a community columbarium within a cemetery. Columbaria are becoming very popular within cemeteries as they provide an option for a customer to purchase a niche space within the unit instead of having to purchase a burial plot for a loved ones cremated remains. We can provide any style or size of columbaria to our customers; be it a cemetery looking to purchase a community unit or an individual customer looking for a private estate unit.


Most memorials are engraved by sandblasting the text and simple artwork onto the memorial. When a granite memorial requires a more detailed image or artwork, etching is the preferred method. This is because the etching produces a high contrast marking on the surface of the memorial, providing much more detail than traditional engraving methods. We offer two methods of engraving to our customers; laser etching or diamond etching to etch highly detailed photos, multi-image/mural designs, and realistic artwork.


Why you should consider purchasing your memorial before you actually need too, why preplanning makes sense.

You can make the selection together with your loved one, that reflects your personality and style:

  • Price will not change due to inflation.
  • Arranging now could remove the burden of making the decisions at a difficult time.
  • At the time of need, arrangements can be completed by a simple phone call or email.

Granite Benches:

  • Another beautiful option for memorializing a loved one is a granite bench. We have a variety options available. Along with any special artwork or etching, they will be a perfect spot to sit and have a rest.

We can also customize granite benches for businesses, yards, walking paths, parks and many other places.

On Site Cemetery Lettering
Adding names or dates to existing memorials is an important and large part of what we do.

We respect the artistry of the memorial by matching the existing lettering exactly, preparing and cleaning the memorial properly before and after the work is complete.

Portable equipment allows us to complete the inscription on site which eliminates the risk of any damage that may occur if the stone is transported off site.

Other Services
  • Monument and Bronze Refurbishing
  • Grave Covers
  • Rock Engraving
  • Granite Signage
  • Granite Foundations
  • Granite Benches
  • Pet Memorials
  • Dedications Plaques
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